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Gordon Howard Stretching into the Future

April 3, 2023

The Gordon Howard Active Living Centre in Selkirk is going through a change.  It has struck a building committee to look at creating one of the most important social builds in Selkirk since the Gaynor Family Regional Library was constructed.

"We've known for a long time that the current building on Eveline St no longer meets the needs of our aging citizens, nor will it meet the needs of future citizens," said the Centre's President of the Board of Directors, Barb Doren.

The Board has struck a building committee that has been meeting monthly throughout the winter.  The committee is made up of several people who bring all the right skill sets to the table including a financial officer, a lawyer, a communications consultant, experts in affordable seniors housing sector and construction of major projects and of course long-standing members of the Gordon Howard Centre, said Doren.

"The building committee is driven by the knowledge that the region's population is rapidly aging and we want and need to remain active.  As the experts in the needs of aging citizens it's our responsibility at the Gordon Howard to lead the way" she added.

The building committee is lead by Past President Gerry Hamm who knew the man who created the current Centre.  "Mr. Gordon Howard, who was active in seniors' support in our area, worked tirelessly to get us to this space in 1991, 32 years ago.  He did not live to see it open, but we know we all benefited from his long-term vision.  And it's the same long view that we're trying to focus on now," said Hamm.

The committee is currently looking at several ideas that include:  building on the current site; selling the current building and land; building on another site in Selkirk; looking at adding a housing component to the Centre; partnering with out organizations in the region who share the Centre's vision and could share costs and operational duties.  "The committee is in confidential talks with a few other parties to scope out all the options, not just for our current members but for future members.  It is clear to us that we are following the path of Gordon Howard and we need to cast our eye far into the future to see what tomorrow's aging population needs" added Lee Hanson, Gordon Howard Centre Executive Director.

Local Citizen of the Year, Philanthropist of the Year and co-founder of Holiday Alley, Shirley Muir has volunteered for the committee as well. "We know that this is one of the most important projects in our community since the Gaynor Family Regional Library.  And we're all mindful that there are lots of groups in this area looking at this project and cheering us on to do it right for the good of the whole community for years to come," said Muir.

For more information, contact Lee Hanson at (204)785-2092.  Email:

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To enable older adults, the opportunity to lead

active, healthy and independent lives.


Vision Statement

We envisage healthy, active and independent living opportunities for older adults living in the Districts of Selkirk, St. Andrews and St. Clements.

Together we will do it.

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