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Catfish Carvers

We are a group of men and women who meet Tuesday afternoons in the boardroom who have an interest in making wood carving projects big, small and in between. We get together to see what others are doing and ask for help if needed. Advice is given free of charge. Christmas ornaments and gnomes are popular as are animals. We also do bark carvings of faces and whimsical castles and houses. Most of our projects are given as gifts or are made for sale. We have many books and magazines with a wide variety plans and ideas. Your imagination is the limit. You can with do a lot with a single carving knife or get more involved with carving gouges which allow for larger projects and more curves. We have a few knives and small projects available for beginners, but most people purchase their own tools and wood if they wish to continue. A limited amount of carving stock is also available for purchase at a modest price. Almost all carving is done manually without the whir of machines, making for pleasant and productive gatherings.

If you would like more information please call the Centre at 204-785-2092.

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