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The Gordon Howard Centre's greatest asset is its volunteer base.  Volunteers have always played an important part in the success of the Gordon Howard Centre.  Without the volunteers who dedicate so much of their time towards helping others the centre would not be able to offer the quality services it provides. 


Our receptionists are all volunteers; the people who balance our books and do our banking are volunteers.  Our volunteer maintenance committee saves us many thousands of dollars every year making repairs around the centre.  A group of wonderful cooks plan and cook meals for special events. 


Our craft sales, dinners and special events would not happen without the assistance of our many volunteers.  Most of our programs and activities such as Square Dancing, Line Dancing, Wood Carving, Painting Class, Cribbage, Whist and Floor Curling are run by Volunteers. 


Fundraising plays a large part in our daily activities and our Volunteers are instrumental in the success of these ventures.  Our quilting group meets every Friday afternoon to work on a project.  Twice each year they donate a quilt to the centre for our spring and fall raffle.  These quilts are beautiful and make selling these tickets easy.   


There are several areas where volunteers are required, and where you can help out.  The following is a listing of volunteer opportunities available to you.

  • Board of Directors - meet the fourth Thursday of the month. 

  • Committee Member- meet on an as needed basis. (Personnel, Finance, Fundraising, Building and Maintenance, Dance, Membership, and Kitchen Committee)

  • Receptionist - Helps out at the front desk

  • Special Event Helper - Help out at one or more of our  upcoming events (decorating, table setting, clean up, etc).

  • Table set up - Help set up tables and chairs for upcoming events.

  • Perogy Bee Helper- Help out with the making of perogies at our annual perogy bee.

  • House of Economy - Help out at the House of Economy. The ladies who volunteer at the House of Economy do a wonderful job providing a valuable service to the community.  At the end of each year their profits are divided amongst the five organizations that provide volunteers.  The House of Economy also makes a large donation to our annual budget. 

Please stop by the centre and fill out your volunteer registration form today.  


If you have any questions regarding our volunteer opportunities, please give us a call at 785-2092.

Please fill out the PDF below and submit it to the Gordon Howard Centre to become a volunteer.

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